Hide and seek

[Intimate space – place of memory]






Series of photographs, accompanied with the short text in form of dairy notice, serves as a transmitter of the story of a woman, which, due to the sociopolitical circumstances, finds herself in the position of crossing the borders. She starts the journey that will last for 20 years, and still continues. Often enough in her path she feels as a smuggler – confronted with the foreigners-hostile environment, she finds herself smuggling not goods, but her own identity instead.

At certain point in history all the borders become obsolete; internalized stories of smuggling however, continue to exist in the intimate space of its protagonists. Since this journey started in Croatia, and even contains the memories of crossings of previous borders of Yugoslavia, recalling and retelling it on a personal level in the moment of Croatia’s entering in the EU seems only appropriate.

Project in association with Paolo Rosselli (photography)